I would like to thank these awesome people for
their contributions to The Pay Phone Museum...

Lisa Whyte -Location Info on Swanton, Vermont Phone Booth (page 1) & Italy Payphones (page 21 and 23), Illinois Pay Phone (page 24)

Kayley Whyte -Florence Italy Payphone (page 23) and Illinois Pay Phone (page 24) (credit for these phones go to both Kayley & Lisa)

Theresa Furman -Long Beach, California Pay Phone (page 1), Pacfic Bell Pay Phone (page 7) &
several New York City Pay Phones
(page 11) & (page 12), transportation to
Raleigh Pay Phones (page 14) & (page 16) & Cary, NC Pay Phone (page 15)

Rebecca Thompson -Wake Tech Pay Phone Pictures (page 2)

Brad Carter -Albany, Oregon Pay Phone (page 2)

The Phone Losers of America  -Multiple contributions.

Chris Mekelburg -Newark Airport Parking Lot P6 Pay Phone (page 3)

Anonymous -Big Spring Texas Pay Phone (page 8)

Oliver Drevet -Lyon France Pay Phones (page 8)

Shane -Tallahassee Florida Airport Pay Phone (page 8)

Pat Waggoner -Driving me to downtown Cary to take a picture of the downtown gas station phone. (page 7)

Tina Clements -for taking me to the job fair in Raleigh where I found the indoor payphone (page 9)

Ron Dillon -Driving me around Raleigh, NC looking for Pay Phones. (page 9, 10, and 22)

Debbie Dillon -Jordan Lake Pay Phone (page 10) & Cary, NC Pool Pay Phone (page 11)

Deanna Møller  -North Carolina Mountains Pay Phone Collage (page 11), Payphones on Hwy 55 Apex, NC (pages 27, 28) Payphone at Express Oil in Apex, NC (page 32)

Bjrøn Møller -Pay Phone from Oslo, Norway (page 11)

Ira Yuseph -Payphones from Brooklyn, New York. (page 11)

Micah King -Apex, NC Pool Pay Phone (page 17)

Maria Ponto Ligon -Multiple pay phones (page 17)

Evie Speedy -Redwoods, California Pay Phone (page 18)

Ben Marsh -Umstead State Park Pay Phone (page 18)

Nicolette King -Pool Pay Phone Apex, NC (page 18)

Matt Evans -Walmart Pay Phones in Greenville, NC (page 18)

Chris Furman -driving me to Apex to get the Lake Pine Plaza Payphones and
Ten-Ten Road Payphone booth (page 19) & (page 20)

Leatha Koefler -Portland Oregon Phone Booth (page 20)

Tony Ojeda -for helping me find the Raleigh Payphones & Cary Payphones (pages 21, 22 & 23)

Shams Baiani -Payphone in Richardson, TX (page 23)

Simon Dean -Payphone in Leicester, UK and Sibiu, Romania (page 24), Chesterfield, UK phone (page 28)

Harry Stewart -Wilmington, Delaware Payphones (page 25)

Eleanor Hubbard -for helping me find the Apex/Fuquay Payphone (page 26)

Josh Frazell -Payphone in Pekin, IL (page 34)

Pool Hyt -The payphone on Hebdon Road in Hull, UK (page 32)

Twilla Brohman -Louisville KY Payphone (page 32)

Jackie Poff & Lynden Davies -for driving me around to find the payphones in Plattsburgh (Moncalm Ave, SUNY Plattsburgh, Sunoco on Cornelia St, Stewarts Shop)  (pages 31, 32, 33, & 34)

Chris Ingels -for driving me to get the picture of the phone in Watervliet, NY at LukOil (page 29)

Gavin Ingels -the payphone in Chestertown, NY (page 35)

Note: Any payphones featured in this museum that are not credited below are the ones I have taken myself.




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